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The geographic position of Tunisia and its cultural opening make of it a privileged destination for different nationalities visitors, which explains the diversity of products merchandised in Tunisia.

In spite of the availability of about 30 foreign labels of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco for water pipe, the Tunisian market is still dominated by local cigarettes representing nearly 90% of the total sales.

Both companies assure the provision of the Tunisian market with cigarettes, scaferlatis, cigars, playing cards and matches. The sales of monopolized products are done through a distribution network made up of 13 distribution centers directly connected to RNTA and MTK, and more than 72 warehouses administered by the Ministry of Finance supplying nearly 14,300 retailers.

These warehouses are connected by a computer network, that allow the commercial departments of both companies to follow the level of stocks and sales daily in order to optimize the management of the production.

In 2009, the sales of all types of cigarettes were as follows:

Repartition of the sales of cigarettes by product (Year 2009)

Structure turnover (Year 2009)