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Strategy >> Information and Communication System

The international economic context characterized by globalization, free market and an increasing competition requires the RNTA and MTK to improve the quality of their products, their services and their performance in order to be able to face international competition and wisely overcome globalization challenges.

The upgrading of both companies is therefore necessary, and requires them to cope with technological developments and the generalization of computer systems in order to have an integrated information system and provide decision makers with up-to-date indicators.

In the framework of the strategic perspectives stated in the 2002-2006 program contract, the mixed computer commission (RNTA/MTK) assisted by a specialized consulting firm, designed a common computer master plan aiming at:

Migration from the current computer system (centralized and proprietary) to open systems and the introduction of the Arabic conversion aspect in the development of new applications;

The generalizing of computer tools in the technical domains namely at the level of production, in order to compress costs and improve the quality of products;

The development of institutional computing systems and the availability to decision makers of synthesis situations and indicator panels;

The implementation of a communication infrastructure and the integration of new information and communication technologies, ensuring the fluidity and the availability of information as well as opening to external markets.

Computer Master Plan (CMP)

It aims at setting up a unified system within both institutions (RNTA &MTK) in order to make feedback easier and to improve the running of the sector.
Therefore, any adopted solution is carried out in both institutions.
Main projects included within the CMP are:

The implementation of LAN and WAN networks within both institutions;
Adopting a common standard in both institutions
Implementing new applications while taking into consideration the adopted technological options and more particularly:

Human resources,
Supply & finance
Laboratories & quality control
GPQAO&GMAO prerequisite

Purchase of the equipment required for the implementation of such applications: servers, work stations ….
Setting up a security solution for the information system.