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The production of tobacco in Tunisia has more hundred years of history. In fact, since 1981, Tunisia manufactures the derivative products of tobacco: cigarettes, snuff, cigars and tobacco for pipe.

With the aim of continuously providing consumers with products responding to their expectations in terms of taste and aroma, RNTA and MTK apply the following production process:


Rolling tobacco
Cigarettes without filters
Cigarettes with 10 mm filters
Cigarettes with 15 mm filters
Cigarettes with 22 mm filters
Cigarettes with 20 mm filters
Cigarettes in rigid packets

RNTA and MTK currently manufacture 17 products

9 labels of cigarettes (5 in soft packets and 4 in rigid packets)
6 types of cigars
2 types of snuff taking tobacco with the same composition but packaged differently.
1 tobacco for pipe

Since the 90’s, strategy of production moves to ward the introduction of new light and sauced labels complying to healthcare standards and to market trends in terms of taste and design.

To this effect, both companies established an upgrading program of their production process characterized by the following measures:

The transformation of old machinery (namely manufacturers) to adapt them to standards of health .
The leading facilities acquirement for all the chain of production.
The adoption of rigorous selection criteria for the choice of raw materials and supplies of manufacture.
The training of technicians to use specialized equipments.
Collaboration with foreign partners for a transfer of technology enabling a better control of product costs and quality.

These measures enabled a better control of the manufacturing process, to reduce the rate of tar, the nicotine rates and the carbon monoxide rates to answer to norms of health.

All products merchandised by RNTA and MTK are submitted to rigorous physical-chemical controls of laboratories, constantly equipped with modern and standardized equipments. On the other hand, it should be noted that RNTA and MTK are the first manufacturers to have affixed voluntarily on packets, mention “Tobacco is harmful to health.”

The industrial infrastructure includes:

In Tunis
An integrated workshop for cigars
An integrated workshop for snuff taking tobacco
An integrated factory for brown King Size cigarettes
An integrated workshop for regular size brown cigarettes
two manufacturing and packing workshop for blond cigarettes in rigid packets.

In Kairouan
An integrated factory for King Size brown cigarettes
A manufacturing and packing workshop for blond cigarettes in rigid packets (Light Cristal-VML)

Production process :

of cigarettes
of cigares
of snuff taking tobacco