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The exploitation of tobacco in Tunisia is a one century-old activity. It has never stopped progressing since the introduction of tobacco farming in 1830.
The tobacco sector holds an important position in the country’s economy and actively contributes to the national social while obtaining an important number of employment in the following sectors: farming, industry and distribution.

The National Tobacco and Matches corporation (RNTA) Kairouan Tobacco Manufacture (MTK)

• Headquarters : Bd 15 Oct Bp 42 -1080 Tunis
• Tel : 71.491.360
• Fax : 71.390.793
• e-mail : rnta@rnta-mtk.com.tn

• Headquarters : El Mansourah, 3100 Kairouan
• Tel : 77.281.699
• Fax : 77.283.130
• e-mail : MTK.tn@planet.tn