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Presentation of RNTA

The National Tobacco and Matches corporation (RNTA)

Identity :
Legal status: A public moral company with the civil personality and the financial autonomy.
Date of creation : 1891
Date of restructuring as a national company: December 1964
Reporting authority : Ministry of Finance
Capital : 3,5 Million Dinars
Surface area : 12 Hectares
Turnover in 2016 : 289.707 Million Dinars exclusive of tax
Headquarters : Bd 15 Octobre BP 42 -1080 Tunis
Tel. : 71.491.360 – 71.491.155
FAX : 71.390.793
e-mail : rnta@rnta-mtk.com.tn

Board of Directors :
RNTA is managed by a Board of Directors made up as follows :
Chairman of the Board ( who is at the same time the President Director General of RNTA and MTK)
1 representative of the Prime Ministry
3 representatives of the Ministry of Finance
1 representative of the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation.
1 representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources.
1 representative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium Enterprises.
2 representatives of the personnel

Organization :

The General Management of RNTA is assisted in its work by the following structures :

Support structures (Management Control Department, Quality Control Department, internal audit, Quality insurance committee, Contracts Permanent Secretariat, Security and Supervision, Information and Public Relations, Central Mail Office)
Common Services Division
   - Computer Department
   - Human Resources Department
   - Financial and Accounting Department
   - Retail Stores Department    -Social Affairs Under Department
    -Under Department Of Legal affairs,wealth Management and Insurance
   - Archives Service
    -Sevice Training
Production Division
   - "A" factory Department
   - "B" factory Department
   - Maintenance Department
   - Studies and Planning Under Department
Buying and Marketing Department
Tobacco Cultures Promotion Department

Activity :
RNTA and MTK are in charge of exploiting the fiscal monopole of tobacco, matches, playing cards and hunting powder.
Through tobacco farmers, RNTA exploited in 2010 a total area of 1211 hectares and yielded a production of more than 1623 tons. It controls a production capacity of 417 million cigarette packets and relies for the marketing of finished products on more than 13000 retailers.
RNTA employs approximately 2300 employees including 1392 full time employees spread over 2 plants in Tunis and 12 tobacco cultivating centers mainly in the northern parts of the country.