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In order to follow the evolution and the tendency of the market, the Marketing entity is constantly to the listening of the consumer through:

Direct contacts with retailers;
Surveys with customers of tobacco products such as coffee shop managers for the water pipe's Moassel.
Consumption surveys conducted with direct consumers of tobacco products.
Tasting sessions of cigarettes and water pipe Moassel are organized periodically in the two entreprise.
Regular visits to warehouses charged of the distribution of tobacco products to control conditions of storage.

These actions allow RNTA and MTK to follow needs of the market better, and thereby adapt the range of their products to consumers’ tastes, and to conceive new products that answer the best to the new tendencies.

Three major tendencies arise from the evolution of the Tunisian market of cigarettes:

A regular brown cigarettes decline started since the end of the eighties and is more and more confirmed,
An increasing preference of smokers for blond cigarettes,
An irreversible tendency toward the local rigid packet (20 Mars Inter, 20 Mars Silver, 20 Mars Gold and Cristal light).