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Tests and analyses

With the aim of improving the quality of Tunisian products to satisfy consumers and comply with legislation in force, both companies equipped their laboratories with efficient equipment enabling the execution of rigorous quality controls during all phases of manufacturing process.

Indeed, more than 16,000 chemical and physical analyses are conducted every year in their laboratories.

When receiving raw materials and manufacturing supplies
Physical and chemical analyses to check compliance to the technical specifications required by the Tender Document in order to limit the proportion of product deficiencies when brought in the production chain.
Behavioral tests on machines also determine acceptance of supplies, its refaction in case of minor defects or its rejection in case of major defects.

During manufacturing

       The general preparation phase
Control of humidity during the general preparation phase, from raw materials until the scaferlati obtaining
Control of the threshing quality (grain size: strip size and edges)
Control of the scaferlati quality in terms of:

- Folding capacity (density)
- Grain size (% of short blades)

At the manufacturing

The systematic control mechanized of cigarettes (weight, module and pulling resistance)
The systematic control of combustibility, the sectioning, the gluing and the aspect

In Post Production
Analyses concern local and foreign finished products. These controls aim at ensuring the product's homogeneity and the conformity in relation to norms of quality and to sanitary warnings.

Periodical tasting sessions are organized to collect smokers' appreciations. Results of these appreciations are analyzed and then mentioned in a monthly report that will be communicated to the Production Department. Tasting reports related to products delivered by our suppliers are done by delivery.