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A large portion of the Manufacture’s and MTK’s staff participates in sports activities, whether in Sports & Labor Teams or in civilian teams.

Club Sportif des Tabacs et des Allumettes (CSTA)

Founded in 1961, the CSTA has a long sports history and includes more than 360 licensed players spread as follows:

Wrestling: 165
Weight lifting: 18
Football : 30
Cycling : 15
Swimming : 120

Bowls : 12


Equipped with official sports halls for wrestling and weight lifting and constantly relying on motivated and ambitious youth, the CSTA regularly feeds national teams. It won several trophies and medals during national, Arab and African tournaments.



Photos of archives

During the sports year 2009-2010, results of the different competitions were satisfactory in different disciplines.


MTK Sports Association (ASMTK)

The MTK sports association includes 739 licensed players spread over the following disciplines:

- Judo: 652
- Swimming: 46
- Table Tennis: 18
- Football : 18

-Bowls : 5

Concerning the Judo athletes won nearly 113 medals (48 Gold, 28 Silver and 37 bronze).
ASMTK has also obtained honorable positions in other disciplines.

Photos of archives